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What’s Up...

  • April 4, 2014: CFIA deadline to register orchards and packing facilities for the 2014 China Program
  • April CFIA Mandatory Training Sessions for China Program:
    • April 10 - Summerland
    • April 9 - Creston
    • April 14 - Kelowna
  • May 5-16th: China Program Registrant Facility Audits.

Recent News...


  • 2013 Research Reports have been uploaded to the Members Area. The presentations to the November 2013 RUM meeting will be available here soon.
  • Thank you for such a great turnout at the Research Review and AGM on February 21. Copies of some of the presentations will be available soon on this website.  We are pleased to announce Sukhpaul Bal is the new President of BC Cherry Association! Special thanks to retiring director Greg Norton who has dedicated so very much time and passion to the development of our cherry industry. Greg has served as a director since the organization was first created - and lead us as President for many of those years!  The list of directors and committee chairs is found on the Contact Us page of this website.
  • A new membership and fee structure was approved by a Special Membership meeting held in October 2013.  Thanks to all of the growers who made the effort to attend and make their vote count.  The new membership structure, effective for 2013 is a flat per-acre fee of $50 on all cherry acres owned or operated in the year.  For young plantings(3rd leaf and younger) the rate is $20 per acre. The minimum fee is $250 for orchards under 5 acres and the minimum fee for a full voting membership is $500.  A new category of membership, reflecting the broader scope of the new BC Cherry Association, is Trade Memberships for brokers and marketers. Other categories of non voting membership are Sponsor Members and Associate Memberships for researchers, consultants, and related professionals.  If you have not already renewed your membership, please download an application form and send it in right away. 
  • 2013/14 Membership Renewals are now due. Please send in your renewal and payment to Connie Bielert. Please print out the current membership form and mail it in to us.  And remember, the rebate of up to 40% of it through SR&D Tax Credits means a penny a pound for research really only cost you 0.6 of a penny! To meet and beat the growing competition in our cherry industry, research is as important as ever! Please support this essential part of our industry. Cherries are our business!
  • A well attended Research Users' Meeting (RUM) was held at PARC in November to discuss the future and priorities for cherry industry research.  This work will be carried forward in the BCCA Research Committee and reported at the AGM.  Thanks particularly to Dr. Peter Toivonen and everyone at PARC for facilitating this timely meeting.
  • We are very fortunate to have great participation by almost all the brokers, and the Market Access Committee has been very busy over the year with the China protocols and other market access issues.
  • SWD Captures were high for 2013. In addition to research and efforts on new pesticide registrations, BCCA is participating in meetings in Oregon to learn the latest progress in the USA. Details will be be presented during the program at the AGM. Be sure to attend.
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  • The latest BCCA Newsletter is available on this site. Click here for the Newsletter.
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  • CFIA and Chinese AQSIQ meetings in December indicated the program was succesful for 2013 and 2014 should be able to proceed with a shorter visit by Chinese inpsectors.  More details will be presented at the AGM by CFIA. The Market Access Committee continues to work with CFIA on details still under negoitiation. Many thanks are due to the CFIA for their work in this.
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  • The Cherry Picker Training Guide is now available also in Spanish for you to download. This is a four page pamphlet you can view online or print out (double sided) to make your own pamphlets for cherry picking. This is part of an ongoing project to delelop a manual for good cherry harvest and packing practices. Remember, bruised cherries are culls (if you can see and sort them), but potentially claims if you don't. Take the time to train and supervise the picking of your precious fruit!
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  • We have a new name! The OKCGA is now officially the BC Cherry Association. This website will be converting to a new website - with our new name - soon.
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  • 2013 Maximum Residue Level (MRL) information for all current export countries is now available. Please consider your marketing plans with your marketer and plan your spray program carefully. Also read and heed the article about testing in the EU from the last newsletter. Thanks to Hugh Philip for updating this again, and to the BCFGA who arranged funding for it this year.
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  • The BC Cherry Association is addressing upcoming needs such as hosting an official Chinese inpsection visit this summer, and ongoing research planned for problems including "Slip-skin" and SWD. Some growers have not renewed their membership or contributed any levy money yet this year while we were expecting we would be shifting to a mandatory levy under a Council. But we still have the work to do, and need your financial support more than ever before. Please renew now, and contribute whatever you can manage! We are applying for matching funds to get work done, so the more we have, the more we can apply for!
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  • We have an active and enthusiastic new board elected from the AGM on March 7th. New members include Joe Hart, Gordon Sandhu, Ravi Dhaliwal, Manjinder Khela, Bill Sandhers, Don Westcott, Andre Bailey, and David Geen. Continuing directors are Christine Dendy (Chair), Sukhpaul Bal (Vice Chair), Dr. David Geen (Treasurer), Graem Nelson (Secretary), Greg Norton, and Chris Danninger (Research Director). Dr. Peter Toivonen has kindly consented to continue in his ex-officio role. The board has worked very hard on everyone's behalf over the last year and their work is greatly appreciated. Our special thanks to David Stirling, Glen Wood, Hank Markgraf, Charlotte Leaming, Duane Holder, Sukhdeep Brar, Roger Bailey, Rick Faynor and Gary Snow for their huge contribution as Directors over the past years. Many of these have kindly offered to continue their work as committee members. Thank you!
  • Our hopes of organizing a BC Cherry Council may have been dashed, but the work planned for it still needs to be done.  The BC Cherry Association is looking at options for restructuring to enable this to happen.
    • A first step in this was to strike a Research Committee to ensure the ongoing research program continues to get the attention it deserves. Appointed to this committee are Chris Danninger (Director) and Ravi Dhaliwal, Duan Holder, Dr D. Geen, Dr. David Lane, Glen Wood, Hank Markgraf, Charlotte Leaming, Sukhdeep Brar, and Dr Peter Toivonen.
    • Another committee is the Market Access Group which has been working hard since late December. It is chaired by David Geen and includes Andre Bailey, Bill Sandhers, Don Westcott, Clive Sutherland and Christine Dendy.
  • The intent as we restructure is to delegate the work load to specific committees with members with the expertise and specific interest to do the work. Please let us know if you have a particular interest in helping on a committee, or in any other aspect such as website maintenance, administrative help, promotion, workshops and education.
  • 2012 Research reports are now available in the Members Area.
  • The latest newsletter is now available on this website.
  • A website for the Western Agriculture Labour Initiative (WALI) is now available for SAWP application details and other related information. Please note that WALI is no longer processing applications for SAWP.
  • Revisions to the BC Water Act are in development and we have been very active in representing BC agriculture interests in general and southern interior watershed and irrigation issues in particular. Follow the issues and participate  
  • Click here for Spotted Wing Drosophila Monitoring and Management Recommendations for Commercial Tree Fruit and Grapes in the Interior of British Columbia from Dr. Acheampong.  
  • Please click on the attached publication "Surveillance and Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) in the Interior of British Columbia" for more information. For links to current updates and further information please go to BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands:  and Oregon State University:
  • SWD posters to raise awareness and help control SWD spread are available for your farm, employee accommodation, fruit stands, neighbours, and local produce stores.  They can be downloaded here to print.      Poster 1    Poster 2
  • For a full and very interesting report, click on the 2009 International Cherry Symposium and Chilean tour report which is now uploaded on this site. Thanks to Nicole Verpaelst for the great work in putting this together and including a lot of interesting observations and photos!
  • The presentations from the OKCGA February 9th annual research meeting are now available in pdf format: 2010 AGM Presentations  BE PATIENT WHEN OPENING, SOME OF THESE FILES ARE BIG AND TAKE TIME TO LOAD.

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