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Canadian Cherry Month


Canadian Cherry Month

Get ready to celebrate

Canadian Cherry Month

July 15 to August 15

Established by the BC Cherry Association, Canadian Cherry Month is an opportunity for Canadian retailers and consumers to:

  • Showcase and promote cherries grown in BC, where 400+ growers produce over 20,000 tonnes of cherries each year, representing 95% of Canadian sweet cherry production.
  • Honour and recognize hard-working Canadian cherry producers and promote the significant role that cherries play in Canadian agriculture and the Canadian economy.
  • Encourage Canadian consumers to ‘Buy Canadian’ when it comes to buying cherries.
  • Let Canadians know that BC grows the sweetest, juiciest, and tastiest cherries in the world, thanks to the region’s unique and ideal growing conditions.

Watch the video to know why BC cherries are the best cherries in the world!

To support sales of Canadian cherries during the peak season, the BC Cherry Association has developed a Canadian Cherry Month retail toolkit and is executing a nationwide consumer marketing, advertising, and PR campaign.

Media Kit with Branded Canadian Cherry Month Creative Assets

Our media kit includes branded assets that can be downloaded and used for your retail campaign. The folder includes:

  • Canadian Cherry Month logo in all file formats (English and French)
  • Canadian Cherry Month video (English, French and a version of English followed by French that can be looped)
  • Press release (English and French)

Messaging Framework

The messaging framework was developed to provide retailers with consistent brand messaging about Canadian Cherry Month.

All messages provided can be tailored to your store’s brand voice and target audience. Use various marketing channels such as in-store signage, social media posts, email newsletters, and local advertisements to amplify these messages and engage customers effectively.

Product Knowledge Guide

Our BC Cherry Product Knowledge Guide provides your produce team with everything they need to know about BC cherries including information about the growing region, taste and texture, nutritional value, storage and handling, tips to share with customers, marketing and merchandising tips, and BC cherry varieties.

POS Materials

POS templates have been developed to promote Canadian Cherry Month. Artwork is provided as PDF files and .ai files. They can be downloaded and used as is, or customized and co-branded. Check back often as new POS files will be added leading up to cherry season.

Social Media and Digital Ads

To help promote Canadian Cherry Month we have developed a variety of social media posts and related images. Posts can be used as is, or customized to reflect your brand and brand voice. They can also easily be adapted to digital ads.

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