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In 2013, the OKCGA became the BC Cherry Association (BCCA). The new organization made changes that enable growers, packers, brokers, scientists, suppliers, and service providers to work better together on behalf of the BC cherry industry.

Membership reminders for the 2024 cherry season will go out in October, and we encourage you to get your payments in by October 31st, 2023. This will be the new payment cycle and we will send reminders each spring and fall.

Your membership is optional, however choosing to participate will benefit you and the future of our industry.

Membership Structure:

Growers: $50/productive acre, $20/non-bearing acre (1st – 3rd leaf)

The minimum grower membership is $250 (for growers with 5 acres of cherries or less).

1) Non-voting member: $250 minimum (for growers with 5 acres or less)

2) Voting member: $500 minimum (open to all growers, regardless of acreage), and $50 per acre of cherries for growers with 10 acres or more, to a maximum of $20,000 for 400 acres or more.

Benefits: new research and technology, BCCA promotion and market development, industry events, education, online listings for employees, sales directory, industry forum, classified ads. (Information for your website listings should be provided on your membership application. Disregard those sections of the form if not applicable.)

Trade: brokers, marketers – Voting member: $2500

Benefits: information and consultation in market development issues, strengthened policy and regulatory input, promotion in trade missions and exhibitions, online platform, consolidated list of producers/packers, group purchasing opportunities.

Associate: Researchers, consultants, media – Non-voting member: $100

Benefits: newsletters, access to producers, research, communications.

      MEMBERSHIP: Download the 2023/24 membership form here.

Sponsorship Tier Structure: Industry service and suppliers (all Non-voting):

Silver Sponsorship: $1000

Gold Sponsorship: $2500

Title Sponsorship: $5000

The BCCA could not undertake the activities we do to support the BC cherry industry to the current extent without donations from our generous sponsors. These are industry suppliers who provide products and services to growers, packers, and shippers, and wish to go the extra mile to demonstrate their support of the industry.

Benefits of sponsorship: logo and promotion on website, access to industry events and potential customers, seminar opportunities, and recognition for the sponsors’ significant contribution to research and market development for the BC cherry industry. View the sponsorship form below for the benefits of each tier.

Thank you to ALL BC Cherry Association sponsors!

     SPONSORSHIP: Download the 2023/24 sponsorship form here.